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Recently collected works by Crystal Rassi:

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Crystal Rassi is an award winning and internationally collected, fine arts painter. She has been published in various magazines since she was a teen and taught community art classes in Saskatchewan prior to moving to North Vancouver where she and her family now reside.

Crystal was born and raised in Saskatchewan and traveled through three prairie provinces for her education in fine arts and architecture. After receiving her Bachelor's degree in architecture from the University of Manitoba, she acquired a Celta certificate for ESL in Toronto. Instead of traveling abroad to teach ESL, she and her husband raised their two kids in Saskatchewan where she had been working in design while also painting, showing and selling her work, and teaching art. The transition to British Columbia has been an easy one and felt like home right away. Her current surroundings heavily influence her latest works.

Crystal uses her education and passion for residential architecture to permeate her artwork that conveys unique expressions of Canadian culture and landscape. Her architectural subjects are sometimes personified, or can exist solely as objects that tell stories about climate, social idioms and nuances, or economic concerns. They are often juxtaposed in a landscape that helps tell the story. Her paintings have an ambience of nostalgia that one can get lost in and her whimsically serious style is her signature that makes her art most relatable.

About this collection of Okanagan summer paintings: 
Ripe for Picking - Oil on deep canvas - 18 x 36: I think it's obvious that the houses in this painting are like peaches.  But these quaint houses reflect the real-estate market - homes that are ready to sell.  We can just hope that they don't fall off the market before they drop.

Summer Home - Oil on deep canvas - 24 x 18:
I have the fondest memories of picking peaches with my parents in Penticton during a summer road trip they took me on when I was sixteen. It's a memory I have often and dreamed of having a summer home in the Okanagan Valley one day.  This painting is a depiction of the very best memories I have.

Balance - Oil on deep canvas - 36 x 24: When talking about the Okanagan, wine is usually involved in the conversation. For wine enthusiasts, talk about the perfect balance of flavours can be a critique of a great wine. But, more theoretically, the balance of the barrels represents the need for us to balance our consumption, whether it be drinking, or eating out, or shopping, amongst many other things. A life balance is important to maintain a sane, healthy life but it can be a challenge to do.

Red or White - Oil on deep canvas - 24 x 18: The Okanagan Valley is known to be home to some of Canada's best vineyards. It's difficult to have a true valley experience without a little wine tasting. The houses in the wine glasses represent the people who visit these wineries and who prefer certain tastes of wine.