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Paulina Tokarski

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About The Artist

Artist Statement

I am thrilled to be represented by The Lloyd Gallery in picturesque Penticton, B.C, where I draw inspiration from the breathtaking landscapes of the Okanagan Valley and beyond.

As an artist, my work serves as a source of grounding and connection to both myself and the living world that surrounds me. My artistic vision is to capture the stunning shapes, colors, and textures found in nature. By exploring the details of color palettes and compositions, I strive to offer a fresh and imaginative perspective on the natural world, inviting viewers to experience a sense of wonder and curiosity with each piece. My work reflects a deep appreciation for the mysteries of nature, and I challenge viewers to uncover and decipher the enigmas within each painting. My collection showcases a unique representation of the complexity and distinctiveness of the natural world, where realism and abstraction coexist in harmony.

My preferred medium of choice is alcohol ink, which I find most fascinating. The interaction between ink and the 99% alcohol is truly magical - the fluidity of the alcohol ink comes to life with every pour and brush stroke, creating a richly textured and vibrant image that appears to be in perpetual motion. By adding acrylic paint and mixed media, I enhance the depth and meaning of each piece, resulting in a body of work that is both stunning and thought-provoking.

Working with alcohol ink requires patience and a willingness to let go of expectations. A single drop of alcohol can blend and erase hours of work, which is why I refrain from becoming too attached to evolving projects until they are fully completed. Despite the inherent challenges of working with alcohol ink, I have come to love the element of surprise that each piece offers. I embrace the unforeseeable outcome and relish the beauty of the creative process itself. Each painting is a deeply personal expression of my relationship with the natural world, a moment of intimate and open communication between myself and the canvas.

Ultimately, I hope that my art will serve as a poignant reminder of the beauty and sanctuary that can be found in our natural world. With each piece, I aim to ignite the imagination of viewers and to offer a glimpse of the stunning complexity and diversity that surrounds us. Thank you for taking the time to experience my work - I hope it leaves you feeling inspired and uplifted.


Paulina Tokarski is a self-taught artist originally from central Poland, who immigrated to Canada in 1988. After college, starting family, and building two successful businesses, she moved from the west coast of British Columbia to the mountains with her family in 2017. Settling in Invermere, in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, Paulina found that the outdoors became an integral part of her life, inspiring her art in profound ways.

Paulina’s journey as an artist began in her teenage years. She spent years exploring acrylic on canvas and wood, later adding acrylic inks and experimenting with mixed media. She is most fascinated by working with alcohol inks on yupo paper, canvas, and wood panels.

Paulina has been featured on CBC radio and has exhibited in numerous exhibitions. Her work has been purchased by collectors in Canada and internationally.

Nature has been Paulina’s greatest muse. She draws her inspiration from its beauty in all its shapes, textures and colors. She is an avid hiker, mountain climber, skier and has traveled extensively around the world. Being in the backcountry, feeling the power of the ocean, or simply taking in the beauty of nature allows her to engage in a creative practice of exploration and renewal. Paulina’s art reflects her surrounding and the place that exists within her creative mind; a place she can escape to and be lost within.