Bonny Roberts

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Bonny Roberts has been painting & experimenting in art for as long as she can remember. With a love of all mediums she has experimented in watercolour, acrylic, oil, ink and collage. Recently relocated to Keremeos from the Lower Mainland, she and her husband have built a spacious studio/gallery in her home. having been a member of the federation of Canadian Artists for many years, Bonny has attained her AFCA status and has taught many workshops in BC. In recent years, she and her husband have been doing a lot of traveling and the uniqueness of each place visited is a continuing source of material for new paintings.

With a number of awards under her belt and paintings sold world-wide, she is currently exploring the world of colour and is turning more to the abstract for subject matter. Bonny's goal in every painting, whether abstract of representational, is to create excitement for the viewer. Other things may fall by the wayside but a piece must always stir the emotions. Energy and colour are the means by which she tries to achieve this goal.

"I have painted all my life. My style has been mainly representational with the single most important element being colour. I have, during the last several years, been struggling with the abstract in order to explore the spectrum to its fullest without the distraction of recognizable form. Whether attempting abstract or representational, I limit myself to a very small portion of the colour wheel and try to explore every facet of the section I have chosen.

My scope is as limitless as the universe and my excitement rises each time I sit down in front of a blank canvas. Each small segment of the wheel represents a multitude of possibilities. My goal is to create excitement and emotion in each finished piece. Needless to say, I will never live long enough to explore all the nuances of each possible combination but I will give it a darn good try!"












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