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Since 1983 Mr. Dubé has been painting with different mediums including watercolour, oil and acrylic. He paints the gammut from realism, to impressionism, his favorite being surrealism.

Most recently he has had great success with the development of his own acrylic technique which is spreading rapidly across Canada, the United States, Mexico and Europe. Dubé's use of bold color, active line, and fluid movement draw the viewer into his abstract subjects, where on closer look they will discover a multitude of hidden images that have made their way from subconsious to canvas.

Mr. Dubé's rather extensive body of work and long career as an artist, makes him well known and highly collectable around the globe. He has worked with such artists as Jean Paul Riopelle, Chris MacClure, Paul Ygartua, Brent Heighton, Fernando Tames and John Einerssen.

For Dubé it's as though ''the paint runs through his veins ''. He has dedicated his life to exploration of 4th dimension through paint and the quality of uniqueness.



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