Sharon Clarke-Haugli

Sharon Clarke-Haugli

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Thoughts on the new painting: 'Forelsket'(left): "I titled this piece because I felt all the euphoria and feelings of newly falling in love every minute I worked on this painting and every minute in between painting sessions.  I felt excited and anxious and totally consumed.  We were like lovers that couldn't get enough of each other.  The painting itself reminds me of that new love stage where one is selective about what and how much to share.  How some parts are to be celebrated and some bits should stay in the shadows until further in.  Forelsket..."

The inspiration for my paintings comes from many places and forms. I am most attracted to colour, light and beauty and aim to reflect these in my work whatever the subject.
One fairly obvious influence is Vincent Van Gogh for his still life paintings as well as his landscapes and bold use of colour. His influence is especially evident in my most recent body of work  which is also highly influenced by Scandianvian "Rose Mahling" (Rose painting) which has been done for centuries to decorate furniture and personal items and is now seen on decorative iPhone cases and stationary the world over!  

Many of the paintings in the "Epic Blooms" Collection have been inspired by Dutch and Flemish artists. In particular, the still life paintings of the Dutch Masters such as Jan Vermeer, Jan Davidz de Heem, and Cornelius de Heem. They have been important influences to my sense of colour, light and themes. The "Epic Blooms" collection about embracing not only what is seen and illuminated, but what is unseen in the shadows. Illumination is a metaphor for the light within each of us that is always there but is only available to us as we allow it. As Arthur Erickson said in reference to his Shadow Integration Theory: "It is not by peering into the light that we become luminous, but by plunging into the darkness." This work plays with metaphors and themes of the life cycle and the natural order of things. Beauty is represented in all stages from flower buds that have not yet opened to petals that have just fallen; caterpillars that have yet to become butterflies and bees dropping in to pollinate the glorious blooms of peonies, poppies, and lillies.  

"If people feel good while looking at my work my highest aims have been accomplished.  Contrary to the notion that anguish is the engine of creativity, my work is a celebration of the beauty I see in the world." 

The two abstract blue cloud and cosmo-scapes below have been completed in collaboration with Sharon's son, Matias Haugli, age 4, where Matias directed and created, and Sharon offered the palette.



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